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Case Study: Hibu + Benfield Electric Supply

Electric Supply

"We are much more
than your traditional
electric supply"

Benfield Electric Supply Co. Inc. is the premier independent wholesale electrical distributor in the Mount Vernon and White Plains, NY, areas. Founded in 1951, the business has evolved well beyond what you might expect from an electric supply company. As Dan McLaughlin, President & CEO said, "We are much more than traditional electric supply."

Benfield utilizes its vast array of inventory and the skilled expertise of its professional staff, to provide its customers with products and services across far- ranging fields, including electrical distribution, data communications, control and power systems, HVAC, and elevator equipment.

Benfield provides a wide range of supplies to all types of businesses - from industrial enterprises and corporations to original equipment manufacturers and construction firms. Of course, providing all those products and services to that broad an audience can (and did) make for multiple marketing challenges.


The Challenge

Benfield Electric Supply tried several different strategies to attract new customers. Dan said, "We tried [various tactics] for many years - telemarketing, etc., to no avail. We purchased lists of customers, made the calls, and did the mailers with minimal success. We were frustrated in our quest to find new customers."

Perhaps Benfield's biggest challenge was finding a way to effectively market its various business units. Not an easy task. They had multiple websites, audiences, and messages to communicate - and they needed a single marketing partner who could work with them to build one cohesive marketing plan to do everything they needed.

The Hibu Solution

Hibu started by combining Benfield's separate websites into one updated, greatly improved site, improving engagement and increasing visibility online. Dan said, "The new site that Hibu built is professional, concise, and given our rather complex business, they did a fantastic job!"

Once the new website was up and running, Hibu worked with Benfield to ensure they appear when the right prospects are searching for their products and services. Dan said, "In a relatively short period of time, they took us from 2012 to 2023! They cast a net and the leads are coming in daily! Hibu drives those with a real need to our website."

In addition, Benfield utilizes Hibu's 24/7 simple Dashboard to track every call and inquiry they receive. Dan said, "They give us, in live time, both an audio recording and transcript of those calls. And those calls come into Benfield, not Hibu! We get to listen (or read) how that lead is handled by our team and how we treat these inquiries."

The Results

Dan said, "We have partnered with one vendor who is working to drive business to us. Now we are averaging 15-20 leads per day!"

Benfield has developed a formal "lead follow-up program" where two employees read the transcripts Hibu provides and call back those "hot leads" the day they are received, to further engage with the companies that call.

Dan said, "We send credit applications, etc., and 90 percent of those that call us welcome our call back! That's an astonishing percentage!"

"Now we are
averaging 15-20
leads per day!"

In a 90 day period, Benfield Electric Supply's marketing from Hibu generated:
Total Leads
Website Visits
Ad Views/Impressions

"In a relatively short period of time, they took us from 2012 to 2023! They cast a net and the leads are coming in daily!"
- Dan McLaughlin, President & CEO

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