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CANTEX Inc. President Don Wirtanen recently passed away at his home in Fort Worth, Texas at the age of 66.

Wirtanen’s 33-year career at CANTEX began in 1986 as a product sales manager before he was promoted to director of sales and marketing-electrical in 1990. In 1991, he was promoted to CANTEX vice president of sales and marketing. He then progressed to executive vice president and general sales manager in 1994 before taking the lead of CANTEX as president in 1995, the position he held until his untimely passing. Wirtanen’s career is marked by several years of record sales for CANTEX and great growth that necessitated new manufacturing facilities and distribution centers nationwide.


“Don was an incredible businessman, a mentor and a great friend,” said CANTEX Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dave Merker. “He leaves behind an extraordinary company, which he truly helped build during his 32 years of service. Don’s dedication to customers and quality will always be the foundation of CANTEX. Don’s vision, leadership and love for CANTEX played a major role in making CANTEX one of the largest manufacturers of PVC electrical products in the United States. He was truly esteemed by his employees for exemplary business standards and his concern for others.”

Wirtanen, who graduated from Ohio State in 1977, was a very dedicated alumnus of his alma mater and an avid Buckeye fan. He was very involved with The Ohio State Alumni Association and he formed the Wirtanen Family Endowment Foundation, which sponsored one Texas athlete who attended Ohio State each year. He is survived by his two daughters, Sandra and Susan Wirtanen.