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    Critical Connections:

    A Day in the Life of a Counter Sales Manager

    Counter sales managers at distributorships across the industry offer a look at the ins and outs of life in this hectic but instrumental role


      Looking Ahead:
      A Distributor Roundtable


      From supply chain constraints and skilled labor shortages to emerging renewable markets, new digital tools and more, distributor executives nationwide weigh in on the challenges and opportunities that will define 2024

      Charles Dickens famously coined it when he said,
      “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times...”


        Different Seasons Call
        for Different Behaviors


          Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster
          and Predicting Customer Loyalty—
          Which of These is Real?

          No Single Number Predicts Loyalty but NPS is the Foundation for Doing it Right


          Building Success...One Member at a Time

          Award-winning IMARK Electrical Now magazine (circulation 4,000+) is published three times annually (both in print and interactive digital editions).

          Summer 2023
          Built For Growth

          Sales executives from major electrical product manufacturers nationwide share top tips for maximizing the success of supplier-distributor relationships.

          Spring 2023
          Joint Sales Activities That Move The Needle

          Industry sales professionals share how strong relationships with manufacturers’ reps can positively impact sales, profits and growth.

          Winter 2023
          The Training Issue

          Building a Culture of Continuous Learning

          Executive Message

          As has always been the case, businesses are facing many and varied challenges. While daunting, these challenges are surmountable.IMARK members have a proven track record of stepping up to meet...

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