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A New,
Dynamic IMARK Group Emerges

Bob Smith president/CEO, IMARK Group
Steve Ruane vice president, Marketing
Jerry Knight president, IMARK Electrical
Matt Roos executive vice president

It’s an exciting time for IMARK Group! The latest iteration of our organization is comprised of IMARK Electrical, IMARK Plumbing, Luxury Products Group (LPG), IMARK Canada, IM Supply and our newest founding member—BLUE HAWK. BLUE HAWK is the No. 1 group and leader in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry. The annual sales volume of IMARK Group member companies has now reached approximately $28 billion and it’s still growing.

IMARK Electrical members and suppliers will continue to benefit from a wide array of programs and resources tailored to their specific needs. At the same time, our group will explore and share best practices with the leadership teams of all of the new divisions in IMARK Group to benefit all members, suppliers and reps.

The explosive growth of IMARK Group can easily be attributed to our drive to work with the best interests of our membership in mind and our vision to be the preeminent, multi-vertical, member-owned and member-controlled distribution network in the world.

Hopefully, you have visited our new public website that features links to the varied verticals within IMARK Group. Look for ongoing enhancements to the website throughout 2019. We have a great story to share with distributors and manufacturers.

It is interesting to note that we have more than 80 IMARK Electrical members who are also IMARK Plumbing members. We also have more than 30 IMARK Plumbing members, as well as a few IMARK Electrical members, who are part of BLUE HAWK. Our membership also touts more than 500 showroom locations. The trend toward leading wholesale distribution groups expanding with other verticals is one that will continue in the near and far future. Thus, we see our number of verticals growing as our value proposition continues to permeate through other industries and distribution networks.

This trend is also prevalent in the manufacturing community. LPG, plumbing and electrical suppliers and HVAC/R suppliers are all looking for new markets to develop. Cross-vertical supplier discussions are underway to continue and advance our motto of growing supplier volume and market share in excess of industry averages.

Our national account sales solution, IM Supply, continues to grow and win contracts nationally in the electrical space. Our multi-vertical look at national and international markets via IMELCO


(IM Supply and IMARK Group members are the only entities capable of addressing this opportunity) has uncovered more member and supplier growth opportunities to pursue. We wish to thank our suppliers for their continued support.

We are actively reviewing back office synergies and cross-vertical “IMARK First” opportunities to reduce the costs of operating IMARK Group as we maintain and grow our purchasing power. For example, IMARK Plumbing immediately bolted onto the IMARK Electrical SAP operating system.

Currently, IMARK Group’s objective is open-ended. Our group will be led by a cross-industry board of directors that respects each vertical’s cultural processes. Under this structure, we will learn a lot from each other and continue to evolve as the most successful group in the industries that we serve.

We would like to thank our membership and supplier community for your continued support. Look forward to more exciting times ahead as we continue to embrace our vision statement as put forth by our board—to be the preeminent, global, multi-vertical and only member-controlled distribution network for facilities construction, maintenance and operations.