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IMARK suppliers were among more than 550 exhibitors at the LIGHTFAIR International 2019 Trade Show and Conference from May 21-23 in Philadelphia. More than 25,000 registrants from every U.S. state and more than 80 countries attended the event, which marked its 30th anniversary this year.

IMARK Now Electrical asked our supplier partners to share a key product that garnered a lot of interest and positive feedback from LIGHTFAIR attendees. Here are their showstoppers:


The flagship smart home product of Acuity Brands is the new Juno AI™ family of state-of-the-art LED downlights you can “talk” to. Juno AI luminaires feature sophisticated lighting controls and premium JBL® speakers, all completely built in and concealed along with the Alexa voice service for a seamless, truly “smart” home experience.

The Juno AI LED downlight allows homeowners to connect to their Alexa-enabled devices to control their home’s lighting or security system, as well as schedule appointments, adjust thermostats, unlock the front door and run the vacuum. Juno AI LED downlights will deliver 1,000 lumens, feature tunable color temperatures from 2700K to 5000K, dim down to 1% and come with a simple companion app to allow the user to set scenes or lighting schedules in each room of the home or play music through the integrated JBL speaker.

“Recessed lighting can now play a key role in establishing a smart home. It can be easily installed in every room and hardwired into the ceiling, creating an ideal environment for a centralized smart ecosystem,” said Jeff Spencer, Acuity Brands lighting vice president and general manager, residential. “Our smart home downlighting products sit seamlessly near the center of the room, free of obstructions, enabling them to hear commands and speak clearly to homeowners and their connected devices, while delivering exceptional lighting and sound.”


With the majority of U.S. industrial facilities still relying on high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting, a product like the 1,000-watt LED replacement lamp from GE Lighting has the potential to slash lighting electricity consumption, save millions of dollars and remove hazardous materials nationwide. Unlike some competitive HID replacement lamps, this product is designed for universal burn in order to mimic the light distribution of prior technologies. In addition to using 60-75% percent less energy, the product fits existing HID lamp fixtures and is wired to bypass the ballast, eliminating the need for future ballast replacements. It also offers best-in-class lumen output with up to 65,000 lumens.


Hubbell Lighting previewed its new LITEistry line from Prescolite. Expect to see all new products including a round, square, 3”, 4” and 6” downlight, wall wash, adjustable and cylinder when the line officially launches later this year.

Keystone’s line of innovative Smart Port LED sensors address the challenge of adding controls to HID LED lamps after installation. With these easy-to-use sensors, customizing and controlling LED lights to improve your efficiency can be done with ease.

Designed to work exclusively with the latest generation of Keystone’s HID LED lamps, Smart Port LED sensors conveniently install in seconds via a standard 3.5mm AUX port connection. Simply adjust the dials on the sensor to your desired settings and plug it into the lamp face. If you choose not to plug in a sensor, the light will operate as a regular lamp.

Smart Port LED has three sensor options (photo, microwave and PIR).

The Lightcloud Outlet is RAB Lighting’s tamper-resistant, 20A duplex receptacle that features local and remote plug-load control and power monitoring for Lightcloud systems. The outlet is perfect for energy code compliance and AC-powered, plugin devices such as floor lamps and peripheral devices. The outlet supports independent power monitoring for each receptacle, scheduling, scene control, demand response, manual control at the outlet or a dimmer and occupancy/vacancy control when paired with a Lightcloud Sensor. A Lightcloud Gateway is required.

Satco|Nuvo introduced new direct wire linear recessed lighting in five elongated shapes for ceiling and wall applications. With an extra low profile, IC rating and clip installation, these fixtures can be installed directly into ceilings without an additional housing or mounting frame. They are wired via the integrated junction box, saving time and material cost.

Available in 48”, 32”, 24”, 18” and 12” and 2.95” wide, they come in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K and offer 40,000 hours of long LED life. The various lengths offer a multitude of installation options and design versatility. The linear direct wire recessed is part of Satco|Nuvo’s growing line of recessed products perfect for multifamily and project-based building and construction.


Imagine if you could bring the power of GPS indoors. Retailers could enhance the shopping experience with wayfinding and in-store promotions, giving shoppers new reasons to buy. Hospitals could use wayfinding to help patients arrive on time for appointments and reduce stress. Businesses could help warehouse staff work more efficiently with easier product finding and location-based stocking instructions. Employers could give employees lighting and temperature controls for their workspaces, or could suggest nearby empty meeting rooms based on current location, making them more comfortable and productive.

Signify now offers InstantFit LED T8 VLC lamps—retrofit LED lamps that are ready for the Philips Indoor Positioning System. While some navigation technology is limited to new construction or complete remodels, the unique VLC TLED solution makes retrofitting easy. Even though the technology is fairly new, it’s already hard to imagine life without GPS. Almost everywhere on the planet, people depend on navigation and mobile apps for location-specific information and services. GPS lets people find their way from place to place, get information about their immediate vicinity and work efficiently.

The SYLVANIA UltraLED Marathon™ Linear High Bay from LEDVANCE provides beautiful, long-lasting illumination for grocery stores, manufacturing facilities, big-box retail, gymnasiums and warehouses. It has an industry leading 15-year warranty due to its driverless technology and LED Mesh design. As a replacement for 320-watt metal-halide fixtures, the direct AC LED fixture reduces energy consumption up to 72%. This unique DLC Premium LED fixture offers a lumen output of up to 19,000 lumens and a high efficacy of 160 lumens per watt, and has an internal 22kA surge suppression.


Westinghouse Lighting’s SunForce 330 LED horticultural fixture is a high-power LED fixture for cultivating cannabis, flower, vegetable and fruiting crops, ideal for commercial growers. The SunForce 330 is proven to increase crop yield and quality, enhance crop appearance, extend crop’s shelf life and improve taste. Broad spectrum light maximizes production throughout the growth cycle supporting all stages of crop growth.

Long-lasting LED fixtures generate less heat compared to high-intensity discharge grow lights, so fixtures can be placed much closer to plants. This increases light intensity while protecting plants from damaging leaf burn. This energy-efficient replacement for high-pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights has a higher CRI, making it easier to inspect plants for pest or mold problems, which helps sustain a healthy crop. The SunForce 330 also maintains higher light output over the lifetime of the fixture compared to HPS, due to higher lumen maintenance of LED versus HPS light sources. The SunForce 330 LED fixture features secondary optics to provide even illumination and ensure uniform photon delivery.