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Meet the IMARK Electrical Staff:

Laura Martin

As director of finance and accounting, Laura Martin’s primary job function is to oversee the financial activities of IMARK Electrical.

Martin has gained a wide range of experience in finance and accounting since graduating from Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman State University) in Kirksville, Missouri with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting.

“I began my career as a certified public accountant (CPA) in public accounting with a focus in personal financial planning and tax,” Martin said. “I enjoyed working with clients, but after several years of enduring crazy tax deadlines, I made the move into private industry. There, I have gained experience in several areas, including general ledger accounting, financial reporting, financial planning and analysis and budgeting and forecasting.”

Her key objectives at IMARK Electrical include:

  • Ensuring supplier invoices and member incentives are paid timely
  • Ensuring that her team members have the tools they need to be successful in their roles
  • Supporting the executive team with financial data and analysis required to make decisions
  • Ensuring IMARK Electrical follows established internal controls
  • Supporting a successful, efficient and favorable audit

“Effective directors of finance and accounting have excellent leadership, interpersonal and communication skills, among other qualities,” Martin said. “The best part of my role at IMARK Electrical is being able to work with and develop relationships at all levels of the organization, as well as with our members and suppliers. I am very fortunate to have a strong finance team with diverse experiences and up to 30+ years of historical knowledge with which to collaborate. Being able to listen and empathize helps me to grow professionally. I can honestly say I learn something new every single day at work.”

Now for the fun stuff. IMARK Electrical Now asked Martin a few rapid response questions about her interests and hobbies outside of work. The following are her answers:

Best vacation ever taken: My husband and I traveled a lot before our son was born, so this is a tough one. But I think my best vacation was our trip to New Zealand, where we were married. We spent a few days on the North Island, which is subtropical and beachy, and then spent the bulk of our honeymoon sightseeing and exploring all the South Island has to offer (e.g., mountains, lakes, fiords, waterfalls, glaciers, etc.). We hope to make it back sometime soon, next time with our son.

Favorite sports team: I am an avid baseball fan. My son’s baseball team is without a doubt my favorite sports team, and he is, of course, my all-time favorite player. I try to never miss a game. As for professional sports teams, my heart is in Kansas City with the Royals and Chiefs.

Favorite foods: I love so many foods it is difficult to narrow it down to one or two. My husband loves to cook so we eat well most nights. Being from Kansas City, we were born and raised to love barbecue, so he has been perfecting his smoked barbecue ribs, which are amazing. When we have a night out, we usually visit our favorite local Indian restaurant or carry out from a local Afghan restaurant.

Favorite all-time movie, television show or book: Since the pandemic tied us to our homes, I’ve been binge-watching series on Netflix and Prime. My husband and I recently finished Lost, which was a long series, but entertaining and thought-provoking, full of twists and turns.

Hobbies: When I am not working, I love cheering on my son in baseball and basketball, traveling, spending time with my family, playing the piano, walking my dog and enjoying the outdoors anyway I can.

Family: I live in Columbia, Maryland with my husband, Jason, our son, Braeden, and our dog, Maizie. Our families are still in Kansas City, Missouri, so we try to get back as often as we can.