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Capital One Trade Credit: Flexible AR Solutions for Your Business

Do you struggle with cash flow, credit knowledge, best practices to monitor your portfolio and/or the tools and technology to get to the next level in your business growth strategy?

Capital One Trade Credit, an IMARK Electrical member service provider, partners with IMARK Electrical members to provide end-to-end accounts receivable (AR) solutions to drive sales and customer satisfaction. Members can grow sales by winning and retaining more customers with online tools, extended terms and flexible credit lines while also lowering their risk from non-payment and fraud and retaining full sales control with recourse options. You design and tailor your program to fit the way you do business.

The program, customizable by each partner, is powered by a proprietary AR platform that boasts unrivaled features and capabilities important to business customers. “We have learned very clearly that no two partners want the same program,” said Shawn Cunningham, managing vice president, Capital One Trade Credit. “We have developed a flexible and configurable platform that allows partners to select the program they want with us.”

Prior to its acquisition by Capital One, Cunningham served as the president and chief operating officer of BlueTarp Financial, which originated in the early 2000s. “We started providing AR and credit solutions in the building supply industry, which continues to be core to our business to this day,” Cunningham said. “Capital One acquired BlueTarp Financial in October 2019 to provide best-in-class AR solutions to its existing partners with B2B portfolios and, with the benefit of being part of Capital One, to be able to offer its AR capabilities to more new partners.”

BlueTarp rebranded as Capital One Trade Credit and, three and a half years later, continues to strive to bring best-in-class AR solutions to B2B suppliers. “We work with each distributor to understand their business and how they work with their customers today,” said Logan Moon, national sales manager, Capital One Trade Credit. Moon, who manages existing partner relationships while also creating customized credit solutions for new partners, has more than 20 years of experience in the B2B credit space. With a passion for helping B2B distributors and suppliers grow and protect their businesses, he said, “We help guide distributors in selecting terms, lines and program features—like billing treatment—on a customer-by-customer basis.” Capital One also provides support to help ensure a seamless experience for you and your customers, which includes customer communications and onboarding support, training for your finance, operations and sales teams and ERP/POS integration and onsite go-live support, as needed.

In today’s dynamic economy, providing your business customers with access to the credit and terms they want, coupled with powerful online account management tools to help them succeed, can set you apart. To learn more about how Capital One Trade Credit can help you grow while protecting your business from risk, with a credit program designed to meet

your specific needs, contact Logan Moon at 704-361-3247 or via email at