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Free Help Is Good To Find

Maximize the Values of Your Supplier Relationships


Executive Message

Surveys can be used to uncover a customer’s “pain points,” likes/dislikes, wants and needs. Given the fact that customers’ wants and needs are always changing, there can be no doubt that the results of a well-designed survey can help a company plot a solid course for the future.

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Free Help is Good To Find

Maximize the Value of Your Supplier Relationships

The word free sets off some crazy thinking in most people. Tie the word to merchandise as in a free TV, iPad or gasoline-powered pogo stick and heads tip from coast to coast. Why? Most people know the value of the products being offered. When researching distributor services for my manifesto on the topic, however, we discovered something strange.

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Bringing It Home

Experts from Broan an Panasonic shed light on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS), Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) and the International Residential Code (IRC)

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Member Execs on the Industry, Economy

IMARK Electrical Now tapped a number of key executives at IMARK Electrical member companies for their perspectives on the most pressing economic and business challenges and opportunities driving the electrical industry, both today and tomorrow.

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Products With Great Growth Potential In 2020

IMARK Electrical suppliers are gearing up for 2020 with new and innovative products that will provide IMARK Electrical member distributors with great opportunities to increase sales and profit. Some of the products improve “smart” home connectivity and control and others are designed to address such industry-wide issues as tight labor markets and an increased emphasis on worker safety.

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Member News

Power-Flo Acquires Assets of Crescents Bronx BranchCrescent Electric Supply Co. in East Dubuque, Illinois has signed an agreement to sell the assets of its Bronx, New York branch to Long Island...

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Supplier News

Acuity Brands Announces Management Changes,Acquires The Luminaires GroupAcuity Brands Inc. appointed Richard K.Reece as president of the company. Hewas formerly executive vice presidentand chief...

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MSP News

DDI System Launches Inform ERP Software, Version 2.0DDI System has released Inform ERP Software, Version 2.0.The release supports DDIs commitment to continuallystrengthendistribution technology...

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Additional Feature

Management Strategies

Opportunity High for B2B E-Commerce

Distributors and manufacturers who do not have e-commerce capabilities or have yet to get traction with existing e-commerce implementation still have an opportunity to get in the game. While the...

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IMARK Members Surveyed

The members of the IMARK Electrical FUTURES Task Force have been asked to identify some of the attributes of market-leading distributors in the following areas:Staying close (and getting closer) to...

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Service Sets the Ceiling

Just like many of your children, mine are knee deep in youth athletics. That means that as parents, we are also knee deep in youth athleticsdriving to practices, games and dinners and taking other...

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