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Key Products with Great Potential Sales Growth in 2021


IMARK Electrical’s preferred suppliers are gearing up for 2021 with new and innovative products that they believe will help distributors drive sales and profit throughout the new year.

Some of the products will help contractor customers reduce installation time on jobsites while others have been developed to provide them with safer working conditions. Others still are focused on making the end-users’ lives more convenient and their home environments healthier.

The following is a showcase of products that our preferred supplier members expect to have high sales growth potential in 2021.

Arlington’s FLBR5420 Series Recessed Floor Box Kits

Arlington’s FLBR5420 series recessed floor box kits offer power and two low-voltage openings, without the need for a divider, in the same box in an existing wood, tile or hard surface floor. With an ultra-thin flange and a recessed wiring device the FLBR5420 series reduces the trip hazard caused by plugs protruding from the box. Installation is quick and easy with a 5”-hole saw.

Arlington’s FLBR5420 kits include a 24.5 cu. inch non-metallic recessed box, cULus Listed, tamper resistant 20A decorator-style receptacle, two installed low voltage keystone holder inserts, two blank inserts, blank cover with gasket and an in-use slotted plug cover. Covers are available in six finishes: brass-plated, nickel-plated, and antique bronze-plated diecast zinc and powder-coated diecast zinc in black, brown and light almond.

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Broan SurfaceShield Exhaust Fan, Powered by Vital Vio

This fan provides continuous prevention of mold and bacterial growth on surfaces in bathrooms or other humidity-prone environments. SurfaceShield technology, combined with Broan’s powerful ventilation, is an effective one-two punch against bacteria, mold and fungi growth. With a super-quiet sound rating of 1.0 sone, this fan generates powerful air circulation with minimal background noise.

Two lighting modes provide an everyday white light, perfect for task lighting, and the SurfaceShield continuous antimi-crobial mode. As part of the Broan Roomside Series, this fan offers the EzDuct connector for hassle-free room-side installation with no attic access needed, foldable mounting ears, a new damper and housing technology that improves airtightness like never before.

IMARK members will see growth in 2021 with this product because consumers are more aware than ever of the need for a healthy home environment. The fan is great for new construction as well as retrofit installations.

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Tray Cable from Encore Wire

Tray Cable is primarily used for connecting power devices in commercial and industrial environments and is suitable for installation in channels, ducts, cable trays and raceways. Encore Wire's updated Tray Cable has never been simpler to strip and is the perfect solution for aboveground or underground installation. Tray Cable is permitted for 600-volt applications and can be used in wet, damp and dry locations as well as above ground for direct sun or underground for direct burial.

Tray Cable from Encore Wire is constructed with a PVC, XLPE or CPE outer jacket, with stranded THHN/THWN-2 or XHHW-2 inner conductors and is available with or without a green insulated equipment grounding conductor. All Tray Cables include a rip cord, making it simpler to strip and the perfect solution for quickly terminate wires. Tray Cable is also flexible, making it easier to get the wire to where you need it while maintaining the same rugged toughness.

Encore Tray Cable can be purchased on our standard reels, our self-spinning Reel Payoff and on our Reel Deal. It’s available in a variety of standard lengths from 500 feet to 5,000 feet depending on wire gauge. They also come in custom lengths.

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Emerson’s Appleton LED Luminaires

Emerson offering a variety of Appleton LED luminaires that significantly reduce labor costs while delivering superior quality light for safer and more productive working conditions.

The Appleton Industrial Baymaster LED has six lumen output levels (9500K to 38000K) and 5000K cool white, 4000K neutral white or 3000K CCT warm white color options providing greater mounting height versatility and superior light quality wherever it is installed, making it an ideal replacement for HID high bay luminaires from 175W to 1500W.

The Appleton Industrial Areamaster Generation 2 LED is available in a variety of options to achieve custom flood lighting solutions that deliver targeted light for enhanced safety and productivity, including cooler 5000K, neutral 4000K or warmer 3000K color temperatures, lumen outputs ranging from 9,500 to 19,500 lumens and from 24,000 to 38,000 lumens for the high lumen version, a choice of optics for optimal light distribution without excess glare, hotspots, overspill, light pollution or wasted energy, improved safety cable design with multiple retention points and an assort-ment of mounting options, safety cables, guards and visors.

A superior quality of light for safer working conditions can be expected with the Industrial Rigmaster LED, due to precision engineered lenses which help to eliminate dark spots while maximizing area coverage. Tested to operate over a wide range of temperatures and in extreme environments, the Appleton Industrial Rigmaster LED luminaires are the ruggedly reliable solution when it comes to linear lighting.

Broadening the Industrial LED line, are the Mercmaster Generation 3, Mercmaster Low Profile and Contender, adding to the retrofitability and extensive customization options.

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IDEAL ArmourBand Insulating Wrap

IMARK distributor members who have an opportunity with any pre-fab shops in their market where tape is being deployed, should make IDEAL ArmourBand Insulating Wrap available to increase their reach into those end users. Any contractor who is currently using tape products, may have a need for this product, which can be used in addition to the tape products IMARK members are already selling.

The new ArmourBand Insulating Wrap insulates and protects devices while providing a quick, clean, reusable solution to the traditional tape application. It fits most receptacles while offering a repositionable wrap with a non-slip finish, allowing for excellent grip that leaves no residue behind.

Key benefits of this product include:

  • Two times faster installation than electrical tape
  • Thickness is equivalent to six wraps of premium electrical tape
  • 33% wider than standard electrical tape
  • Non-slip finish and exceptional elongation for easy installation
  • Improved performance for extreme temperatures
  • Decreases risk of stray strands causing electrical shock
  • Exceeds flame retardant properties of electrical tape
  • Superior silicone construction for improved coverage

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ILSCO SureCrimp Connectors

ILSCO’s copper and aluminum SureCrimp connectors are listed with TaskMaster Tools, and more than 80 competitive compression tools, across all major conductor classes. Listed for current carrying and grounding and bonding applications, ILSCO’s system design guarantees SureCrimp with an industry-first five-year warranty.

The ILSCO SureCrimp solution provides the most versatility and meets the most stringent standards to ensure UL-compliant terminations in mission-critical systems such as data centers, emergency power systems, hospitals, OEMs and renewable energy.

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Klein Multi Drivers

Klein’s new Multi Drivers are a variety of tip types, hex sizes, shaft lengths and handle designs. These designs will make the tradesman job easier by having multi tool function in one driver that meets many applications. The ability to stay at the job at hand and not have to reach for another driver will save time and increase productivity.

These new drivers, when stocked in the “What’s New Section” on the Klein display, will drive impulse buys for the tradesman looking to make his job easier. They are at a price point that will save the tradesman money invested for a multi-functional tool, which in some cases could take four tools to do the same job.

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NSI Industries’ Terminator Wire Connectors

Launched initially with IMARK Electrical, Terminator Premium Wire Connectors from NSI Industries are a line of bi-color, twist-on wire connectors that increase productivity while getting the job done right in almost any application.

The line of Terminator Premium Wire Connectors now includes the addition of the O/B (orange/blue) connector, joining R/Y (red/yellow) and T/R (tan/red).

With an increased wire range, Terminator Premium Wire Connectors help to maximize productivity. A comfortable grip and flexible skirt make the connectors easy to handle and install quickly. Dual color coding means one premium wire connector does the job of two standard connectors in most applications. Featuring rounded wings for a comfortable grip, the flexible skirt makes the connectors exceptionally easy to handle. The quick-bite spring ensures a secure connection, every time. Terminator Premium Wire Connectors are UL-listed for 600 volts on copper wire and are RoHS and Reach compliant.

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Pass & Seymour Ultra-Fast USB Outlets from Legrand

Delivering 6A of power, the Ultra-Fast USB Outlets are designed to satisfy the increasing demand for built-in charging that combines convenience and speed. Available in multiple versions to meet any project’s needs, the Ultra-Fast USB line includes unique, hybrid outlets that feature both USB Type-A and the newer Type-C ports in one device, for a versatile solution that can charge all a customer’s favorite legacy devices while future-proofing for upcoming technology.

And as new smartphone models are releasing with Type-C charging cables, the need for compatible charging solutions is sure to surge in 2021, creating the perfect opportunity for growth with Legrand’s Ultra-Fast Outlets.

ModPower System from Legrand

People move. Equipment moves. Furniture moves. Access to power must be easy to change and relocate. The industry’s first code compliant modular power system is designed to give facility teams the freedom to reconfigure power and charging as they need. Offer your customers a code compliant way to accommodate changing commercial spaces. Connect up to six separate units together to bring power and charging right to where people work and play.

With ever-increasing space reconfigurations happening in commercial spaces, the ModPower System is situated for high growth in a variety of applications, including schools, hospitals and offices.

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Leviton Load Center

Take power to new heights by installing the award-winning Leviton Load Center. Your customers will appreciate safety features that exceed the UL standard, intuitive LED diagnostics, a sleek new look and the industry’s most intelligent circuit breaker system. With optional smart circuit breakers, users can access real time data on energy use and control their panel remotely using the My Leviton app.

With its smart circuit breaker option, the Leviton Load Center can generate above-average sales growth for IMARK member partners in 2021. Customers can choose to install one smart circuit breaker, outfit the entire panel or slowly replace standard circuit breakers for smart circuit breakers over time. Additionally, Leviton delivers the fastest installing circuit breakers on the market. Our easy all plug-on design speeds up installation, saving valuable time and increasing productivity to boost the bottom line.

Leviton Inform Technology

Inform is a technology platform embedded in Leviton products to provide real-time data to the end user. This data is used to improve safety, efficiency and productivity. The feature set varies by product:

  • LEV Series Mechanical Interlocks with Inform feature local and remote monitoring. Inform identifies disturbances that can impact machine performance and minimizes unplanned downtime by monitoring data such as enclosure liquid accumulation, individual line-side and load-side voltage values, ground continuity, enclosure temperature/humidity and more. Users can view this information locally or remotely via the Inform app. There are no other mechanical interlocks on the market with local or remote monitoring capabilities.
  • LEV Series Plugs & Connectors with Inform features visual power indication for increased safety. Green LEDs illuminate when power is present, allowing for quick power identification and faster troubleshooting when there is a power problem with connected equipment.
  • Medical Grade Power Strips with Inform feature a line-of-sight, LED indication when the NFPA 99 load limit (75%) has been reached, allowing for simple and efficient code compliance. There are no other medical grade power strips on the market with load monitoring capabilities.

With industry-exclusive features, Inform Technology can generate above average sales growth for IMARK member partners in 2021. LEV Series devices with Inform increase facility safety and dramatically minimize unplanned downtime, saving facilities time and money and improving their overall bottom line. Medical grade power strips with Inform help health care facilities improve productivity as they provide a simple and effective method for code compliance, ultimately saving facilities from potential non-compliance issues.

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The Compact Pro by Lithonia Lighting

The Compact Pro by Lithonia Lighting is the budget-oriented high bay designed for contractors from the ground up. It’s the most compact high bay on the market, making it easier and quicker to install. Built with quality to last and performance to get the job done, the product is set at the price you need to win.

Compared to other high bays, the Lithonia Lighting Compact Pro is:

  • Half the size of the typical 2-foot high bay
  • Fits up to 140 on a pallet and more on a lift and shelf, making install and clean up 30% faster and cheaper
  • Contractor Friendly Job Pack offers even more ease of install with four fixtures in a box
  • Built to last in real industrial spaces
    • 6kV ANSI surge protection standard
    • True tested ambient temperature up to 55C
    • L70 at 100,000 hours
    • Meets DLC 5.0/5.1 specifications
    • High-quality components
    • Patented glare control lens

The Compact Pro by Lithonia Lighting gives you peace of mind that your product is designed to last by the company that has earned your trust for more than 75 years and is the No. 1 selling high bay brand in North America.

And the Compact Pro has huge potential for profit in 2021 because for the first time ever, contractors have access to a competitively priced high bay that doesn’t sacrifice quality specs.

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RAB Lighting’s Field Adjustable and Standard Edge-Lit, Ultra-thin WAFER

With housing construction and renovation reaching new highs in 2020 and continuing to trend in 2021, we are banking on the residential friendly, ultra-thin WAFER to be a mover next year. These edge-lit LED downlights boast an off-board driver that minimizes installation height and eliminates the need for a junction box or recessed housing, which makes them flexible enough for both new construc-tion and retrofit applications. They’re available either with or without field-adjustable color temperature (five options from 2700K to 5000K), which makes them even more versatile.

The WAFER is available in both 4” and 6” models (with smooth or baffle trims) and is compatible with most commonly found TRIAC dimmers. All models are IC rated for direct contact with insulation, air tight and suitable for use in dry, damp and wet locations, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use…it doesn’t really get any more versatile than that for a booming demand in residential lighting!

With plans to further expand the available versions in 2021, RAB’s WAFER family of downlights are ready to meet all of your current and future residential lighting needs.

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Southwire SIMpull CoilPAK

The SIMpull CoilPAK wire payoff helps increase both safety and productivity by reducing the physical effort associated with material handling, pulling wire out of the package and through conduit. Available in single, two-wire, three-wire and four-wire, the CoilPAK payoffs feature SIMpull NoLube wire jackets, which help make pulls easier. The innovative fully encased package and multi-conductor package options can also help reduce the amount of scrap reels.

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