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NEMRA Mourns Passing of Alyn Pinkofsky

Alyn Pinkofsky was a visionary and a leader in the industry. A founding member of NEMRA, he was popular and respected by his contemporaries for his entrepreneurship, humility, and strong business acumen. His career began at age 18, accepting a truck driver/counterman position with Gem Electric Supply. His father, Louis, a retired sergeant detective of homicide for the Boston Police, also worked there as a salesman. In 1954, another distributor, Electric Specialty, approached Alyn, recruiting him as its lead counterman. In 1956, due to poor business conditions, Alyn was laid off. A position quickly became available at “Ralph Pill Electric Supply.” Alyn worked for Ralph Pill until 1957, when the Naval Reserve drafted him. He traveled the globe on two aircraft carriers: The USS Wasp and the USS Intrepid, as chief petty officer. After discharge, he returned to work at Electrical Specialty, continuing his career in multiple capacities. Then, in 1961, Ben Yanow hired Alyn as a salesman. In 1968, he became a partner. In 1985, Ben retired, and Alyn took sole ownership. The following years saw Alyn lead Yanow through continuous, expansive growth and success. Alyn retired in 2010. He continued to consult and mentor Yanow’s personnel until approximately 2018, when he retired fully.