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10 Years In...

The Gateway to Growth Program
is Stronger Than Ever


Going strong in its 10th year, the IMARK Gateway to Growth (GTG) program is the perfect complement to the powerful GainShare planning program.

The year-long program is designed to focus member attention on key new and important products from IMARK suppliers. Participating IMARK members earn GTG points for every dollar purchased.

IMARK members purchased $475 million worth of GTG products in 2023 from 50 participating suppliers. This figure demonstrates that the products included in the program are relevant to our members and deemed necessary by customers.

These purchases resulted in more than 1.45 billion GTG points, which were redeemed by members on the IMARK website. There is no cost to members who participate in this program and the administrative burden is limited to the member redemption of their GTG points for merchandise, gift cards, etc. Members can also use their points to pay for IMARK meeting-related travel and NAED training resources.

IMARK Electrical Now asked some of our members how they use the GTG points they earn. Here are their responses:

Mike Raygor, marketing director, ECHO Group Inc.:

With regard to the GTG program, we really keep it quite simple. We let the branch managers communicate to their regional purchasing department what GTG products they would like to see brought to their branch. The regional purchasing people communicate that to the other regional/company branches to try and conduct a collective buy in with multiple branches. Also with labor shortages, we are always interested in new products that save time; we have always been that way even before the shortage of labor because, as they say, “time is money.”

I do think the exposure for the manufacturers tying the points program to a product purchase is good. That gives us that much more incentive to buy from them. It also helps manufacturers move new products and products with less exposure by tying them to the program.

As far as the points go, we throw all of them into one bucket and then I divvy them out to all the branches at the end of the year—not by GTG purchases but by all of their IMARK purchases. In other words, if a branch is responsible for purchasing 10% of all IMARK purchases, it receives 10% of the GTG points. This keeps branches focused on IMARK as a whole and not just the GTG products. It also helps with the GainShare and Platinum programs. The branch managers can then use the points however they wish. I will give you a few examples.

One branch has a premier golf outing for which customers must qualify (with purchases) that is held at a premier course, and it uses its points to buy all of the event door prizes—iron sets, drivers, pitching wedges, fairway drivers, putters and GPS watches.

Other branches use their GTG points to obtain gift cards to use for company Christmas parties, whether to pay for the party or give to employees as gifts. Some use all of their points for gift cards to give to customers to thank them for their business or to try to smooth over a situation that may have gone awry.

Some branches have prize vaults that they fill with items to use for donations throughout the year. While other branches use their points to buy things they may need like a TV, kitchen appliances, clocks, etc.

Rhandi Kuchenmiester, head navigator, K/E Electric Supply Corp., Mount Clemens, Michigan:

IMARK’s GTG program helps K/E Electric Supply partner with allied vendors to highlight key products or product groups for our sales team. Purchases of these key products allow us to further incentivize our team through redemption of points in the GTG catalog of useful items for our own branch use like tools, TVs or appliances for employee use. We also redeem points for items for customer promotions and giveaways that we would otherwise have to purchase ourselves or co-op with a vendor, such as those for our annual customer golf outing of nearly 200 golfers.

Lisa Matz, senior marketing manager, Granite City Electric, Quincy, Massachusetts:

The GTG program offers us a fantastic opportunity to turn our buying power into rewards for our customers and employees. We use our accumulation of points to purchase grand prizes for our big events each calendar year, which is a terrific way to make sure our events have a bigger impact with a sizeable grand prize, while not having to worry about eating into our budget. Our employees also love getting a chance to win a big prize at the end of the year in the Circle of Honor championship! This program is central to our marketing plan each year.

Anna Sporay, executive assistant to the CEO and vice president, HR, United Electric Supply, New Castle, Delaware:

GTG points are incredibly valuable to our training efforts at United. We use them to purchase NAED EPEC courses for our sales trainees or other employees who wish to deepen their product and customer project knowledge. These points allow us to continuously invest in the development and lifelong learning efforts of our employee-owners, which is a core value to us.

We also use our GTG points to support our flagship charity, the American Cancer Society, which focuses on cancer awareness, research and support for patients and caregivers. We turn the points into meaningful items, expressions and experiences our employees can purchase or win. With a yearly fundraising goal of $10,000, we strive to make our fundraising efforts fun and unique. United participates in fundraising events for the great organizations like the annual Relay for Life, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and Daffodil Days.

Finally, our Circuit Club uses the allocated GTG points to help provide fun social and charitable events for company employees. We strive to provide events that:

  • Focus on employee-ownership through fun and creative avenues.
  • Engage employees from all locations throughout
  • the company.
  • Recognize employee involvement in endeavors outside the scope of the workplace.
  • Concentrate on having fun.
  • Stress social and charitable involvement.
2024 Gateway to Growth Suppliers

Acuity Brands

Appleton & O-Z/Gedney

Arlington Industries Inc.


Bridgeport Fittings Inc.

BRK Electronics (Resideo)

Broan-NuTone LLC

Burndy LLC


Conduit Pipe Products Co.

Cooper Lighting Solutions LLC

Current GLI (formerly GE Current)

Current HLI (formerly HLI Solutions Inc./Hubbell Ltg.)

Easy Heat

Edwards Signaling

Electri-Flex Co.

Emerson Professional Tools LLC (formerly Greenlee)

Encore Wire Corp.

Hammond Manufacturing Co.

Hubbell Electrical Systems

Hubbell Killark

IDEAL Industries


Intermatic Inc.


Keystone Technologies LLC

Kichler Lighting

Kichler Lighting LLC

Kidde Safety

Klein Tools Inc.


Leviton Manufacturing Co.


Louisville Ladder Inc.


Milbank Mfg. Co.

Minerallac Co.

Multi Fittings Corp./Kraloy

NSi Industries LLC

Omni Cable LLC

Panduit Corp.

Pass & Seymour/Legrand

Prysmian Cables

RAB Lighting Inc.

SATCO Products Inc.

Shurtape Technologies LLC

Siemens Industry Inc.



Southwire Co.


Westinghouse Lighting


IMARK Electrical is pleased to recognize the following suppliers that offered the top-selling products in 2023. Note that all of these products are available in the 2024 edition of the program.

Multi Fittings/Krayloy Kwikon ENT Fittings
Omni Cable Portable Cord and Aluminum Building Wire
Siemens Heavy Duty and General Safety Switches
and IEC and NEMA Controls
Genlyte LED Lamps (Stock Ready) and
Luminaires (Stock Ready)
Acuity CSS LED Selectable Strip Light
Leviton Residential Load Center

For complete information on the 2024 GTG program, click on the Gateway to Growth icon on the IMARK website homepage.