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Training Available –
New and Improved

Due to the strategic alliance between IMARK Electrical and the National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors (NAILD), IMARK Electrical member employees have access to the following training courses:

  • Lighting Specialist I (LS-I): Fundamentals of lighting and controls training ($399 per employee)
  • Lighting Specialist II (LS-II): Selling skills training for experienced sales reps ($699 per employee)

The LS-I training program uses a self-paced ”blended learning” approach that combines the best of technical instruction with user-friendly opportunities for hands-on experience. The coursework is completely on-demand to users. The suggested timeframe for completing all 12 modules plus the final exam is a maximum of six months.

LS-II’s nine modules blend self-paced online coursework with in-field learning to support mastery of consultative lighting sales strategies, financial and lighting calculations, code compliance and market-specific lighting design applications for various customer building types. The coursework is available to students on demand and the suggested time frame for completion is no more than six months. The ideal candidate for LS-II training should have one to five years of lighting sales experience.

For a complete description of these courses including how to register, visit, click on the “Training” section of the website and then select either LS-I or LS-II from the sub-menu. All coursework is delivered from

IMARK Electrical members can earn 2021 Platinum points when their employees earn either an LS- I or LS-II certificate of completion.