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Digital Selling Assets
A New Resource for IMARK Electrical Members

Jerry Knight president, IMARK Electrical
Steve Ruane vice president, Marketing
Steve Wright Vice President of Supplier Relations
Jill Baker Chief Financial Officer

Face-to-face engagement will always be an essential part of the selling experience. This is especially true for businesses serving the construction industry. Electrical contractors rely heavily on the expertise and logistical support of IMARK Electrical members—now and in the future. For many members, the salesforce is the eyes and ears of the organization—and a major source of competitive advantage.

However, as the pandemic demonstrated, the ability to convey useful information to customers from a remote location is a vital skill for top sales professionals (inside and outside). In a sense, top salespeople with their intimate knowledge of customer wants and needs will become top marketers as well.

Now available on the IMARK website, the “Digital Selling Assets” section is a repository of easily transferable information and resources from IMARK suppliers. If our Product EXPO (held in May 2021) taught us anything, it was that our supplier partners have generated a lot of very useful information that has been designed especially for professional installers and end users.

The “Digital Selling Assets” section on the IMARK website will be grouped into two categories:

Key Product Solutions

This section includes a list of key products deemed by our suppliers to be top sales opportunities for IMARK Electrical members. Each featured product may include an array of collateral and resources that can easily be shared with your customer. Sales flyers, brochures, videos, links to specialized web pages and configurators are some examples of the materials to be included with each product listed.

Vital Information for Customers

This section includes sales and/or marketing resources that are general in nature and may not be tied to a particular product line. Examples include training materials, installation videos, podcasts, apps, webinars, white papers and National Electrical Code information. In addition, suppliers may also provide relevant content for customers in select industries (i.e., health care, commercial office, hospitality).

The “Digital Selling Assets” resource will provide a bounty of great and relevant information for customers and will help to reinforce the position of IMARK Electrical members as an indispensable solution provider.

Log on at and click on the “Digital Selling Assets” icon. You will see a list of participating suppliers. Click on the supplier’s name to view their selling assets. Let’s put these resources to work!