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Executive Message

Put IMARK Service
Providers to Work
for Your Company

Jerry Knight president, IMARK Electrical
Steve Ruane vice president, Marketing
Steve Wright Vice President of Supplier Relations
Jill Baker Chief Financial Officer

As North America follows the path of re-electrification, the future of IMARK members has never been brighter. At the same time, the demands on businesses have never been more intense.

Successful companies recognize the need to leverage the capabilities of third-party companies to accomplish important business objectives.

IMARK member service companies have a proven track record of successfully meeting the wants and needs of IMARK members—or they don’t make the cut.

You can view the complete roster by logging on at and clicking on the link to “Service Providers.” All listed companies pay rebates to IMARK Electrical.

Here are just a few of the pressing business challenges that can be addressed when members engage with IMARK service providers:

  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to convert orders to cash (Billtrust)
  • Maximize collected revenue from slow pay customers and minimize bad debt (C2C Resources)
  • Strengthen your credit management capabilities while reducing the risk of fraud and no payment (Capital One Trade Credit)
  • Send messages and make announcements to your customers via instant messaging, mobile apps or on-hold messaging (Moblico, On-Hold Media Group)
  • Minimize the cost of processing credit card transactions (CardConnect AIP, Clarus)
  • Improve expense management while driving enhanced revenue (Key Bank)
  • Implement a formal training program, which ensures uniform (and verifiable) knowledge of employees on areas of importance (BlueVolt, NAED)
  • Reduce shipping and delivery expenses by streamlining company logistics (Tag Logistics)
  • Prevent and/or mitigate cyber attacks on your company’s operations (Secure-Serv)
  • Reduce the level of distressed, obsolete and surplus inventory and turn these assets into cash (ARCA)
  • Use your company’s business data to spur better decision-making, which can increase efficiency and profitability (Phocas, SMP)
  • Wherever feasible, automate manual processing of key documents with 100% data transaction accuracy (Conexium by ecmarket)

Are you working with a service company (with a nationwide footprint) that could benefit your fellow members? Please contact Ken Nagel, IMARK’s director of member services, at We’re always on the lookout for capable, high-performing service companies that can help IMARK member distributors.