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IMARK Member Companies

Persevere in Challenging Times

Bob Smith president/CEO, IMARK Group
Steve Ruane vice president, Marketing
Jerry Knight president, IMARK Electrical
Matt Roos executive vice president

Very few, if any, people will have fond memories of 2020.

In the midst of a global pandemic and the great unrest in many of our cities, it has been a stressful and trying time for all of us.

We are pleased and proud to share this issue of IMARK Electrical Now featuring executives from IMARK member companies that have been on the front lines of a major societal and commercial interruption—the size and scope of which is unprecedented in our history.

All year long, we've heard from the "experts" let's hear from member execs in the areas of sales, marketing, e-commerce, operations and leadership who helped their companies persevere in challenging times.

As we read these perspectives, we are struck by the spirit of innovation, resourcefulness and responsiveness that are characteristics of great businesses. We expect that the lessons learned from this year will ultimately result in stronger more flexible companies that will flourish in the future—whatever the future may hold.

Of course, our industry is a community. Our members could not succeed without the hard and effective work and support of the manufacturers, agency rep firms and our service providers—all of whom are dealing with their own set of challenges.

In fact, our next issue of IMARK Electrical Now will be dedicated to our manufacturers and their reps. We look forward to sharing their part of the story.