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Your Outsourced Digital Marketing Department

Mike Mayer CEO, Main Event Digital
Donovan Morrison COO, Main Event Digital

After a review by the members of the IMARK Electrical Marketing and Technology Committee, Main Event Digital was appointed as an IMARK member service provider on February 1.

With Main Event Digital in your corner, your digital presence will be a champion.

Throughout his career, Mike Mayer, CEO, Main Event Digital, has led digital transformations for billion-dollar electrical distributors, such as Crescent and U.S. Electrical Services, by launching e-commerce and mobile apps, integrating with customers, automating marketing, building out unique content for half a million SKUs and expanding storefronts into a variety of digital channels. He started Main Event Digital, a boutique digital marketing agency in the Chicagoland area, a couple of years ago to focus on the digital presence of distributors and manufacturers, particularly in the electrical industry.

According to Steve Ruane, IMARK Electrical Vice President of Marketing, “Among other things, we really appreciate the fact that Mike has first-hand experience with IMARK Electrical members and understands the challenges faced by electrical distributors. That is a major plus.”

“We act as the marketing department for most of our customers or fill in gaps with our services,” Mayer said. “First, we hold a kick-off meeting for fact gathering and to understand your mission, vison, values, goals, what marketing you have tried in the past, what worked and what hasn’t. Our core focus is on key performance indicators (KPIs) that deliver value. We do this by building a custom, tactical roadmap that you can walk away with in the first week, sorted by ROI.”

In the past two years, Main Event Digital has worked with 50 different customers, of which more than half are distributors. The rest are service-based B2B clients.

“We’re unique in that we are month-to-month,” Mayer said. “None of our competitors offer that flexibility. We put our money where our mouth is. We are confident that we can drive ROI every month or we get cut loose. Most agencies I’ve worked with in the past made their clients sign long-term contracts. We don’t want to enter a long-term relationship at the onset. We just want to go on a ‘date or two.’ This encourages us to hustle to drive ROI and really lights a fire for our team to hit the customer’s KPIs.”

The nature of B2B marketing and communications is changing rapidly. According to Donovan Morrison, COO, Main Event Digital, “We thrive in situations where companies may not have the internal resources or expertise. We look at what you did previously and what you currently have in place and what we can do to help your strategic initiatives and help increase leads, traffic and revenue. It’s a beautiful, symbiotic relationship—acting and serving as your outsourced CMO. We have every expert available, including SEO, technical content writing, conversion rate optimization, Amazon Business and so many other capabilities. We have a really talented team to come in to provide assistance with strategy and growth.”

The most popular services that Main Event Digital offers are automated LinkedIn prospecting and contact drip campaigns. “We’re seeing tremendous engagement from these campaigns,” Mayer said. “So many people spend time and effort building LinkedIn networks and then don’t do anything with them. We start conversations with existing contacts.”

Main Event Digital prospecting campaigns identify and target customer lists and automate invitations, messaging, views, endorsements, follows, shares and likes. “Every single one of those actions is a drip to get the prospect’s attention to become a contact and engage with the salesperson,” Mayer said.

Other popular services Main Event Digital offers are automated email marketing, website search engine optimization and Google ads. “Those are our main services that have provided the most value for clients over the past few months,” said Morrison.

“We are very unique,” Mayer added. “Our pricing is transparent. We have a pricing page on our website and packages are available. All contracts are month-to-month and the packages translate into the number of hours each customer gets per month and a blended hourly rate that’s at least 50% lower than the competition. We keep our company very lean.”

For more information on how to put Main Event Digital in your corner, visit, email or call Mike Mayer at 773-405-3635.

Main Event Digital offers the following digital marketing services to its clients:

  • LinkedIn prospecting
  • Contact drip campaigns
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Prospecting campaigns
  • Automated email marketing
  • Amazon business engagement
  • Website SEO
  • Technical content writing
  • Google advertising
  • And more…