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Web Navigators Help Maximize
IMARK Program Benefits

The IMARK Electrical web navigator is the main contact person for each member company through the IMARK website. The navigator for each company has more privileges/responsibilities than a typical user to our site.

Web navigators are essential to the smooth operation of IMARK programs. Frequently, IMARK sends emails to the navigator for each company. These emails may contain valuable and time-sensitive information about GainShare, Gateway to Growth, surveys, meeting registrations, Gold & Platinum and more. The navigator is expected to pass this information on to the correct person(s) if they do not handle these issues themselves.

It is important that the navigator become familiar with the IMARK Electrical website and visit it often.

Roles and responsibilities of the member web navigator include the following:

  • Updating their company profile information
  • Setting up new users at their company
  • Keeping the list of company users current
  • Taking a leadership role in GainShare planning
  • Taking a leadership role in Gateway to Growth
  • Taking a leadership role related to Platinum program recognition

IMARK Electrical Now reached out to some high performing member web navigators and asked them to share their perspectives on this vital role.

Achieving GainShare Success

IMARK web navigators play a key role in making sure their companies maximize GainShare success and rebates.

“As an IMARK web navigator I have total control in maximizing GainShare success and rebates,” said Ryan VanGilder, director of purchasing and supply chain at Cape Electrical Supply in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. “I try and look at this monthly and then do a more extensive review each quarter. Usually, I don’t start pushing the GainShare until August or September. This allows me to see where the year is falling and see which GainShare targets make sense for us to hit. In preparation of signing up for GainShare, I meet with all of the sales managers to see how they think the year will be and which vendors they see us partnering with for the year.”

Nicole DiCunzolo, outside account manager at United Electric Power in Garden City Park, New York, added, “Once our GainShare plans are finalized, I circulate a manufacturer and rep directory to every company user. We use that directory to focus our team on selling and growing with GainShare partners, participating in Gateway to Growth products, product training and joint calls. We also host an annual trade show to boost sales. Finally, we hold monthly team meetings to ensure we are on target with our annual growth plans. All those measures have yielded significant rebate and GainShare growth for the company.”

DiCunzolo, who has been an IMARK web navigator since 2014, said the position requires a person with drive and enthusiasm who is also communicative, detail oriented and organized. VanGilder added that a web navigator should be competitive, analytical, and willing to help others.

Keep Employees Engaged

IMARK Electrical offers many programs and resources that can benefit member company employees and increase their knowledge of IMARK supplier products. These include IMARK U, Gateway to Growth, the virtual Product EXPO website banner ads and Key Product Selling Assets. Web navigators generate broad-based support among employees for these programs and resources.

At United Electric Power, IMARK U is utilized during onboarding and for continuing education. “We tailor a program specific to trainees’ needs and position,” DiCunzolo said.

Team members utilized the virtual Product EXPO platform and were excited about all the new product offerings, which led to several successful joint calls.

“Employees’ engagement with these programs is a strong indicator of their dedication to advancing their careers and involvement with our company,” DiCunzolo said. “In addition to enhanced product knowledge, the team gets excited by potential incentives such as gift cards and Blue Bucks.”

Cape Electrical Supply gives Gateway to Growth points as Christmas gifts to employees. “So, the more we buy/sell, the more gifts we can get,” VanGilder said. “IMARK does an excellent job rewarding employees of distributors with these tools as well, which also helps make us successful utilizing them.”

Strive for Platinum Status

When asked how the Platinum program affects behavior at her company, DiCunzolo said, “The Platinum program provides the framework for success. We strive to hit each criterion. It keeps our team engaged and excited.”

More benefits of the Platinum program include:

  • Strengthens relationships with strategic IMARK partners
  • Improves the onboarding experience—equipping the team with the best training tools
  • Increases market share
  • Improves how the company goes to market
  • Improves communication amongst the team to work together to achieve targets
  • Creates a competitive environment where everyone works together to attain goals

The Platinum program is also very crucial for Cape Electrical Supply. “Since joining IMARK, we have hit Platinum status every year,” VanGilder said. “We want to be recognized as a Platinum distributor for IMARK because it shows the group we are committed to the success of the group and to the support of our vendors. We could not do it without the vendor partnerships and the Cape Electric family. It truly takes the whole team working together to achieve Platinum status.”

Both IMARK web navigators agree that their company’s relationship with IMARK has been an integral part of their business’ perseverance and success. “The support, training tools and top-tier lines have allowed us to be very nimble,” DiCunzolo said.

We want to be recognized as a Platinum distributor for IMARK because it shows the group we are committed to the success of the group and to the support of our vendors.