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IMARK Member Service Provider Reference Guide

IMARK Member Service Providers have a proven track record of providing excellent and cost-effective services to IMARK members in the following areas:

  • Financial Services
  • Logistics Management, Transportation and Warehousing Support
  • Management Tools
  • Office Supplies and Uniforms
  • Sales and Marketing Support
  • Technology and E-Commerce Solutions

IMARK member companies earn rebates and/or discounts when they purchase services from the companies listed below.

Complete information on IMARK Member Service Providers (MSPs) can be found in the “Member Service Directory” section of the IMARK website at

Please contact Ken Nagel ( at 301-281-8109 if you have any questions about the IMARK MSP program.

MSP Services contact info WebSite/Email
Financial Services
Alerus Retirement Services 401(k) Retirement Plans Keith Schermitzler 1.866.427.2731
Billtrust Complete Billing Services Mitchell Rose 1.888.580.2455 ext. 122
C2C Resources Commercial Collections Jerry Smith 866.460.7898
Card Connect Credit Card Processing Jerry Smith 866.460.2113
Clarus Merchant Services Credit Card Processing and Payment Services Randy Tillim 1.888.245.7216 ext. 703
Conexiom Automated Data Entry Ash Abhyankar 866.447.9608
EDIC Insurance Co. Business Insurance Captive John McHale 847.781.1400
Financial Problem Solvers Cost Control, Margin Improvement, Business Valuations Sheldon Charapp 301.937.6376
Skylands Transaction Management Credit Card Transaction Processing and Consulting Tom Tague 1.866.828.5575
United Tranz Actions Check Processing Programs and Services Jeanine Goodstein 1.800.858.5256 ext. 208
Logistics Management, Transportation and Warehousing Support
Budget Car Rental Car Rental Program (BCD#S217171) Ken Nagel 301.281.8109
Budget Truck Rental Car/Truck Rental Act#56000182341 888.633.3875
Elite EXTRA Routing/Tracking/Reporting David Ward 715.874.2985
Ford Motor Company Fleet Pricing on Sales and Leases of New Cars and Trucks Dan O'Connor 804.658.7960
Hertz Car Rental Car Rental Program (CDP#96685) Ken Nagel 301.281.8109
Tag Logistics Optimization of Delivery, Transfer, LTL and Freight Systems Mike Loonie 413.478.9125
Management Tools
MITS Business Intelligence Software Brian Friedle 206.789.8313
Phocas, Inc. Business Intelligence Software Jamie Brooks 267.304.9216
Office, Warehouse Supplies and Uniforms
Cintas Uniforms, Safety, and First Aid Supplies Christi Sloan 1.800.795.7368
Newcastle Systems Mobile powered workstations and portable power systems for the warehouse Derek Coppinger 781.935.3450
OfficeMart Ink Cartridges, Office Supplies Brian Morin 603.219.0585
Staples Office Supplies, Furniture, Technology and Copying/Printing Reid Ringham 410.567.2392
  Warehouse Supplies Cliff Liberman 781.249.0895
Sales and Marketing Support
Ace Apparel Promotions, Apparel Marc Mathios 718.731.1550
AMPM Advertising and Marketing Chris Taylor 724.234.4216
BlueVolt Online Distributor Universities Colin Casad 503.715.0612
Capitol Marketing/Meridian Enterprises Incentive Awards and Employee Rewards Programs H. John Mejia 1.800.238.5659 ext. 2409
Channel Marketing Group Marketing Consultant David Gordon 919.488.8635
CMA Advertising, Digital Marketing, Websites, Mobile Apps and Public Relations Jeff Barnhart 609.297.2235
Distributor Marketing Management Marketing, Target Office Products/Furniture John Anderson 440.236.5534
ElectricSmarts Website Content Development Selso Huerta 1.860.266.5359
Goldner Associates Promotional Products Andy Straus 615.250.8241
On Hold Media Group Real-Time On-Hold Message Delivery Systems Brian Hoffman 1.866.758.1300
PROLine Hydration Solutions Bottled Water (Pallet, LTL or Full Truck Load) Eric Singleton 978.488.4200
Selling Energy Lighting Retrofit Training Mark Jewell 415.810.3711
SMP Sales and Marketing Software for the Distribution Industry Joe Raventos 949.258.0410
Veolia Lamp, Ballast, and Electronics Recycling Mark Braniff 804.399.3602
Wolfe Promotional Services Incentive Program Ideas and Products David Wolfe 1.888.452.4WPS
Technology and E-Commerce Solutions
CommerceVantage Automated Accounts
Payable Solutions
Paul Rennerfeldt 952.378.4006
DDS Data for E-Commerce Web Matt Christensen 801.509.9903
Epicor Computer-Based Business Management Soultions Todd Daubenberger 952.250.2299
IDEA E-Commerce Processes and Systems Kevin Corcoran 703.562.4687
LightsAmerica Web Storefront for Lighting Showrooms Julie Traughber 888.777.6101 ext. 702
Second Phase Web and Cloud-Based e-Commerce Data Content Solutions Mark Kostovny 303.582.9326
Scantron Technology Solutions Managed IT Services, Hardware Repair, Maintenance, Etc. Jillian Dabovich 1.800.228.3628 ext. 3124
SourceWare ERP Affordable ERP Solutions Including Webstore Development Stacey Pandeloglou 757.435.1733
Strategic Pricing Associates Pricing Analytics, Training Greg Smith 216.455.5528
Trade Service Corporation Computer-Based Product and Pricing Solutions Robert Stone 1.858.775.9829
Ximple Solutions, LLC Affordable ERP Solutions Claudia Aguado 301.949.4400
XOLogic Webstore Development Services Mark Farr 866.684.4134