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Stoneway VP of Seattle District Announces Retirement

Stoneway Electric Supply Co. in Spokane, Washington recently announced that Vice President of the Seattle District Eric Haines will be retiring from the organization. He has spent more than three decades with the organization.

“Eric has truly played an integral part in the growth and success of Stoneway over the past 30 years,” said Jeff Corrick, president at Stoneway Electric Supply Co. “He is a respected veteran of our industry who leaves behind a legacy of integrity and dedication to serving our customers and supplier partners that is unparalleled. On behalf of the Stoneway family, I want to personally thank him for all he has done for us and for the industry, and we certainly wish him and his family the best during his retirement.”

Jesse Gilomen, who currently serves as Stoneway’s director of industrial sales, will be assuming the role of vice president of the Seattle District upon Haines’ departure. Haines will remain on board through the end of June to ensure a smooth transition.

“I am humbled and honored to have been part of the tremendous growth and success of the Stoneway brand here in the Pacific Northwest the past three decades,” said Haines. “I look forward to working closely with Jesse Gilomen to assist in any way I can through the transition process, and I know that our customers and suppliers will be in great hands with Jesse.”

Steve Ruane, vice president, marketing, IMARK Electrical, said, “Eric was a consistent and passionate supporter of IMARK Electrical. Among other things, Eric was the discussion leader for I-Net Networking Group No. 3. Leading an I-Net group is one of the most important jobs there is at IMARK and he did it very well.”

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Parrish-Hare Announces Promotions

Hector Hernandez

Lucas Harrison

Parrish-Hare Electrical Supply recently announced that Hector Hernandez has taken on a new position as warehouse manager at the company’s Fort Worth, Texas location.

Lucas Harrison has assumed the position of Fort Worth, Texas manager. He has a long history of service with Parrish-Hare.

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YESCO Joins ETIM North America

YESCO Electrical Supply, an innovative IMARK electrical distributor headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio, recently became the fourth distributor to join ETIM North America (NA).

Founded 35 years ago, the company serves more than 40,000 customers, with five locations in Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Recognizing the digital transformation that is unfolding in the electrical industry, the company is investing in its e-commerce capabilities.

“We see the potential of e-commerce to transform our business and power growth,” said James DeRosa, YES-CO’s general manager. “Our industry has needed some-thing like ETIM for a while. I just didn’t know it was already here and I’m excited to contribute to the development of the association. We’ve manually cataloged more than 500,000 SKUs ourselves. ETIM would improve our pro-cesses and simplify ongoing maintenance and enable a better experience for our customers.”

DeRosa also said, “Small- and medium- sized distributors need to be involved and give back to help ensure our ongoing role in the industry. ETIM North America isn’t solely for big companies. Everyone’s input and vote matters.”

“We’re excited that James saw the vision and wanted to actively participate,” said ETIM North America’s Executive Director Mary Shaw. “As a member-run association, every-one’s input is valued, and everyone has the same vote. His contractor perspective will give our Product Expert Groups another customer view, which is integral to the effective translation of the ETIM model for North America. It also highlights that the digital road will impact distributors of all size.”

ETIM’s digital product classification system, supported by chapters in 24 countries, will generate supply chain efficiency, facilitate downstream computer-to-computer communication, and enhance e-commerce capabilities for manufacturers and distributors.

The ETIM NA association’s vision is to support the adoption and utilization of the machine-readable standards through-out the electrical ecosystem enabling efficient transference of product information across technology platforms.

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