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IMARK Announces Member Winners
of Distinguished Performance Awards

IMARK Electrical recognized the following member companies for distinguished performance in 2021-2022. The award winners were announced on October 17.

The members listed below were recognized (based on objective criteria tracked by IMARK Headquarters) for their effective implementation of IMARK marketing and training programs and their exemplary support of IMARK preferred suppliers. Winning member companies were designated in three categories based on purchases of IMARK Electrical supplier product (up to $25 Million, $25 to $60 Million, $60 Million+).

IMARK Member(s) of the Year Award: (up to $25 Million, $25 to $60 Million, $60 Million+)

Up to $25 Million Category Winner: Dickman Supply Inc., Sidney, Ohio

Finalists: Gross Electric Inc., Mathes Electric Supply Co. Inc., Republic Companies, Schwing Electrical Supply, Wedco, Inc.

$25 Million to $60 Million Category Winner: Mars Electric, Co., Mayfield Village, Ohio

Pictured from left to right are Andrew Doris,Beth Donaldson, Michael Doris and Mike Mammone.

Finalists: Alameda Electrical Distributors Inc., Blazer Electric Supply Company, The F.D. Lawrence Electric Company, Parrish-Hare Electrical Supply Corp., St. Louis Metro Electric Supply Inc.

$60 Million+ Category Winner: Crescent Electric Supply Co., East Dubuque, Illinois

Debbie McCashin accepted the award.

Finalists: ECHO Group Inc., Shepherd Electric Supply, Summit Electric Supply, United Electric Supply Co. Inc., Winsupply Inc. in Dayton, Ohio

IMARK Purchasing Power Award: (up to $25 Million, $25 to $60 Million, $60 Million+)

Up to $25 Million Winner: Atlantic Coast Electric Supply, LLC, Summerville, South Carolina

Pictured from left to right are Ryan Marshall, John Marshall and Jeff Koziol.

Finalists: Allied Wholesale Electrical Supply Inc., Dickman Supply Inc., Electrical Supplies Inc., Furbay Electric Supply Company, Schwing Electrical Supply

$25 Million to $60 Million Winner: Parrish-Hare Electrical Supply Corp., Irving, Texas

Pictured from left to right are Greg Johnson, Wes Butler, John Hartsfield and Bruce Wolf.

Finalists: Alameda Electrical Distributors, Inc., American Electric Supply, Inc., Denney Electric Supply Company, Gordon Electric Supply, Inc., Standard Electric Company

$60 Million + Winner: Winsupply Inc., Dayton, OH

Pictured is Paul Perry accepting the award.

Finalists: Colonial Electric Supply Company, Crescent Electric Supply Co., ECHO Group Inc., Elliott Electric Supply Inc., Summit Electric Supply

IMARK Marketing Program Excellence Award: (up to $25 Million, $25 to $60 Million, $60 Million+)

Up to $25 Million Winner: Yesco Electrical Supply, Youngstown, Ohio

Pictured is Lee DeRose accepting the award.

Finalists: Atlantic Coast Electric Supply LLC, Dickman Supply Inc., F&M Electrical Supply Co. Inc., K & M Electric Supply Inc., Schwing Electrical Supply

$25 Million to $60 Million Winner: Gordon Electric Supply Inc., Kankakee, Illinois

Pictured from left to right are Cara Gordon Potter and Dan Korthauer.

Finalists: Blazer Electric Supply Company, Cape Electrical Supply, Mars Electric Co., Paramont-EO Inc., Crest Ltg., Warshauer Electric Supply Company

$60 Million + Winner: Elliott Electric Supply Inc., Nacogdoches, Texas

Pictured from left to right are Bill Elliott and Billy Elliott.

Finalists: Crescent Electric Supply Co., Granite City Electric Supply, Inline Electric Supply Co. Inc., Shepherd Electric Supply, Winsupply Inc.