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Rector Seal is the latest addition to the roster of IMARK Electrical preferred suppliers having joined the group on October 1.

RectorSeal has been committed to providing products that help the trades perform their jobs faster and with greater reliability for more than 80 years.

Founded in 1937 as a manufacturer of specialty chemical sealants, one of the company’s first products, RectorSeal No. 5, became a staple of the plumbing industry and remains one of the most common pipe thread sealants in the United States today. Since then, the business continued to grow by expanding its offering of products to support tradespeople in their daily work.

The company’s growth over the past eight decades has centered on a simple mission: to provide innovative solutions to the professional trades. As a wholly owned subsidiary of CSW Industrials Inc., RectorSeal plays a key role in CSWI’s Contractor Solutions segment by being a leading provider of quality solutions for the professional trades serving the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC/R), plumbing, electrical and construction markets.

RectorSeal’s innovative products and brands increase efficiency and improve reliability, and they have built a steadily growing and loyal following among contractors due to differentiated and proven product performance. Further, the company is often the first to tackle and solve challenges faced by professional tradespeople.

“On the electrical side, we’re known for our firestop products with the best warranty in the business,” said Walt Lojuk, director-electrical sales, Rectorseal. “We are also known for PVC cements and PVC pipe pulling heads. Our single-use and reuse pulling heads allow electrical contractors to get simple and easy wire pulling up in less than five minutes.”

The company’s firestop products include metacaulk, firestop sealants and cast-in place. “Our firsestop products have a four-year shelf life whereas our competitors only offer 90 days to one year,” Lojuk said. “We want to help IMARK members with unique products they have not tapped into before. Our brand of firestopping products is the only brand of firestop out there without carcinogens or poisons in their formulas. They are unique and totally user friendly for installation. Once installed they have a 25-year warranty.”

Rectorseal aims to provide customers with outstanding service along with the highest quality and largest assortment of products. “Our customers prefer to spend more on good products and not have any issues with quality or selection,” Lojuk said. “During the pandemic we increased inventory, which helped accelerate our growth.”

With an eye on growth and expansion, Lojuk said Rectoseal keeps looking to add products to its electrical division. “We’ve also gone through new computer systems, plus acquisitions that we made from a customer service standpoint,” Lojuk said. “We are very customer focused.”

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